Coffee Honey 600 ml

Coffee Honey 600 ml


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    The Coffee tree is the best famous tree in highland provinces. In the Spring, it is covered in masses of white flowers look like snow in the winter. Bees visit these flowers and collect the nectar to produce Coffee Honey. Our Coffee honey is sourced from highland where it is fresh air and cool. Golden colour (amber) and light sweet are intense characteristics. Coffee honey of Golden Honey help keep primary flavours of fruit juice and food


    Ingredients: 100% pure honey from coffee flowers 
    No preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
    Nutritional information (average values)
    Serving size:25 g, Serving per package: 33
    Quality per serving                                  Quality per 100 g
    Energy             322kl                               1347kl
    Protein             0.125 g                            0.5 g
    Fat (Total)          0.0 g                                0.0 g
    - saturated         0.0 g                                0.0 g
    - trans               0.0 g                                0.0 g
    Cholesterol        0 mg                                0 mg
    Carbohydrate   20 g                                80 g
    Sugars *           19.55 g                           78.2 g
    Sodium:            1.6 mg                            6.3 mg
    *sugars naturally occurring in honey

    mật ong hoa cà phê - coffee honey
    If the honey crystallizes simply stand in warm water
    Made in Viet Nam
    Honey storage: creamed honey (14 - 30 độ C) dry area, avoid direct sunlight and cold (refrigerator)
    Hotline: 0906 771 880 
    Place of manufacture, packaging:
     Village 7, Ea Ning ward, Cu Kui District, Dak Lak Province